The SimuTrain™ is a comprehensive library of training materials for Ansys products. Ansys and SimuTech Group’s own training videos, lectures, tutorials, and workshop problems will help you familiarize yourself with Ansys tools and better understand how and when to use them.

About SimuTrain™

SimuTrain™ is our 24/7 recorded video and fully searchable PDF documentation that focuses on Ansys product training. It is always available, cost effective and you can learn at your desired pace. This also allows more responsive, reactive, shorter duration and/or project-specific training.

There has been a distinct trend towards more multi-physics industrial applications. Ansys has been heavily investing in improvements of its software interfaces and new features are constantly being added. SimuTrain™ created a new channel that feeds the new information in a productive way with QuickStart sessions and tip and tricks videos.

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Content and Usage

Currently serving 450+ courses/releases with 9800+ articles and videos. The website content is actively updated by SimuTech Group's own materials. In addition, we are closely collaborating with several other partners to broaden the content even more.







Selected Courses

Here is a selection of the courses included in the library.

FEA Tips and Tricks
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical Slide-based Course
FEA Quick Start (ANSYS Mechanical)
FEA Webinars
Comprehensive Intro to ANSYS
Introduction to ANSYS Fluent
ANSYS Mechanical Basic Structural Nonlinearities
CFD Tips and Tricks
ANSYS Mechanical Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics
Introduction to ANSYS SpaceClaim
ANSYS Mechanical Advanced Connections
ANSYS Mechanical Heat Transfer
Introduction to ANSYS Meshing
CFD Quick Start (ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX)
ANSYS Mechanical Fatigue
Introduction to ANSYS CFX
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical APDL
CFD Webinars
PrepPost Tips and Tricks
FEA Best Practices
Introduction to ANSYS Maxwell
Introduction to ANSYS LS-DYNA
ANSYS Fluent Multiphase Flow Modeling
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical Rotordynamics
Introduction to Explicit Dynamics
ANSYS Mechanical Material Nonlinearities
SIwave Quick Start
Introduction to ANSYS AIM
ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body Dynamics
ANSYS Fluent Heat Transfer Modeling
High Frequency Tips and Tricks
Introduction to ANSYS HFSS
Low Frequency EM Quick Start (ANSYS Maxwell)
Introduction to ANSYS Icepak
Electronics Webinars
ANSYS Fluent Combustion Modeling
ANSYS Mechanical Beams and Shells Modeling
ANSYS Fluent Fluid-Structure Interaction
ANSYS Icepak Quick Start
ANSYS Mechanical Advanced Material Modeling
ANSYS Mechanical Topology Optimization
Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical Acoustics
Introduction to ANSYS Composite PrepPost
HPC Tips and Tricks
MultiPhysics Webinars
ANSYS Fluent Dynamic Meshing
Introduction to ACT Mechanical
PrepPost Webinars
ANSYS CFX Multiphase
ANSYS Fluent Turbulence Modeling
Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD
ANSYS Fluent Modeling Rotating Machinery
Introduction to ANSYS SIwave
ANSYS Mechanical Using Command Objects
Introduction to ANSYS SpaceClaim Meshing
Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler
ANSYS HFSS for Antenna Design
High Frequency EM Quick Start (ANSYS HFSS)
Introduction to ANSYS nCode DesignLife
ANSYS Mechanical Experimental Elastomers
Low Frequency Tips and Tricks
ANSYS Mechanical Workbench Additive
ANSYS CFX Turbulence
ACT Tips and Tricks
Introduction to ANSYS Fluent Meshing
Introduction to ANSYS Motion
ANSYS CFX Fluid-Structure Interaction
Introduction to ANSYS DesignXplorer
Introduction to Rocky
Testing and Analysis of Structural Plastics for ANSYS Mechanical
ANSYS Maxwell Advanced Motor
ANSYS CFD Rotating Machinery
ANSYS Composites PrepPost (ACP) Quick Guide
ANSYS Twin Builder Getting Started
ANSYS Fluent User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
ANSYS Fluent Aeroacoustics
Introduction to ANSYS Simplorer
FEA Demos
Introduction to ANSYS ACT
Introduction to Ansys Icepak in AEDT
Introduction to ANSYS TurboSystem
MultiPhysics-WB Tips and Tricks
Customization Webinars
Aero-Mechanics of Turbomachinery Blades (FEA)
HPC Webinars
Licensing Webinars
ANSYS CFX Customization
Introduction to ANSYS Q3D Extractor
Introduction to ANSYS Polyflow
Discovery Live Webinars
Introduction to ANSYS Additive Print
Introduction to ACT Wizards
ANSYS Electronic Transformer Simulation
ANSYS Discovery Live
Ansys Mechanical Composite PrepPost (ACP) Advanced
ANSYS Mechanical APDL User Programmable Features (UPFs)
Introduction to ANSYS FENSAP-ICE
Introduction to ANSYS PExprt
Introduction to ANSYS AQWA
ANSYS Fluent Adjoint Solver
ANSYS CFX Combustion and Radiation
ANSYS Fluent Battery Modeling
Ansys Maxwell Actuators
ANSYS Workbench Acoustics ACT
CFD Demos
Introducing Ansys Motor-CAD
Ansys Mechanical Fracture Mechanics
Introduction to Ansys EnSight
Aero-Mechanics of Turbomachinery Blades (CFD)
Introduction to ACT DesignModeler
Introduction to ANSYS BladeModeler
Ansys Advanced Fluent Meshing
ANSYS Fluent Advanced Spray Modeling
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical Offshore
Introduction to Ansys Sherlock
Rocky Webinars
Introduction to ANSYS Additive Prep
Introduction to Contacts in LS-DYNA
Ansys SPEOS Getting Started
ANSYS HFSS SBR+ Antenna Placement
Introduction to ANSYS Autodyn
Scripting in Ansys SpaceClaim
Introduction to ANSYS TurboGrid
ANSYS DesignerRF
Ansys Fluent Meshing with Fault-Tolerant Meshing (FTM) Workflow
Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler for CFD Users
NVH, Fatigue, & Frequency Domain Analysis with Ansys LS-DYNA
Thermal Management for Electronics Tips and Tricks
Introduction to LS-PrePost
Ansys HFSS 3D Components, Boundary Conditions, Ports and Mesh
Ansys Maxwell Wireless Charging
Ansys optiSLang Getting Started
Material Characterization for Metals, Polymers and Foams
Ansys LS-DYNA Advanced
Introduction to ANSYS DesignModeler for FEA Users
Introduction to ANSYS Polyflow for Blow Molding
Non-Linear Implicit Analysis in Ansys LS-DYNA
Ansys Composite Cure Simulation
Ansys Material Designer
Electronics Demos
Ansys HFSS Antenna Array and Periodic Structures
Ansys Mechanical Scripting
ANSYS SCADE Suite Simulink Importer
Optics Webinars
Ansys SPEOS Photometric Analysis Basics
Introduction to ANSYS Chemkin-Pro
Turbulence Modeling Using Ansys CFD (Fluent and CFX)
Introduction to ANSYS Polyflow for Extrusion
Introduction to Ansys Q3D LFP
Optical Theory
Ansys HFSS 3D Layout for PCB
Discrete Element Method in Ansys LS-DYNA
Introduction to Ansys Mechanical for Ocean Loading
ANSYS SCADE Suite Model Optimization and Code Performance
EM-Resistive Heating, Resistance Spot Welding, & Battery Modeling Applications
Introduction to Ansys Q3D Signal Integrity
ANSYS SCADE Avionics Package
Ansys SPEOS Colorimetric Analysis
Comprehensive Ansys LS-DYNA ALE Applications
SPH and ISPG for Fluid, Structure and FSI Problems
Ansys SPEOS Spectroscopy
ANSYS HFSS 3D Layout Advanced
ANSYS SCADE Architect Configurator
ANSYS SCADE Display Model Optimization and Code Performance
Ansys SPEOS Optimization with Ansys DesignXplorer
Ansys SPEOS Simulation Wizard
Introduction to Ansys LS-OPT
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Rapid Prototyper
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Suite
Ansys LS-PrePost Advanced
Ansys SPEOS HUD Optical Analysis
Ansys SPEOS Multiphysics Simulation with Ansys Mechanical
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Architect
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661
Introduction to Ansys SCADE Vision
Introduction to Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator
Occupant Simulation in Ansys LS-DYNA
Ansys Autodyn User Subroutines
ANSYS SCADE Suite Design Verifier and Formal Verification
Ansys SPEOS Optical Sensor Test LiDAR
Ansys SPEOS Surface Contribution Analyzer
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Display
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Test for SCADE Display
Introduction to ANSYS SCADE Test for SCADE Suite
Optical Demos
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Ansys LS-DYNA
Airbag Folding in Ansys LS-DYNA
Ansys Fluent Gradient-Based Optimization
Ansys Minerva Getting Started (End User)
Ansys OPTIS HPC Getting Started
Ansys SPEOS Camera Visualization Sensor
Ansys SPEOS Light Path Finder
Ansys SCADE Automotive Package
Ansys SPEOS Camera Sensor Visualization
Ansys SPEOS for Creo Parametric Light Path Finder and Ray Tracing
Ansys SPEOS for Creo Parametric Photometric Analysis Advanced
Ansys SPEOS for NX Stray Light Analysis
Ansys SPEOS HUD Optical Design
Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator Powered by SCANeR™ HPC
Ansys Minerva Getting Started (Administrator)
Ansys SPEOS 3D Energy Density Sensor
Ansys SPEOS Photometric Analysis Advanced
Ansys SPEOS Stray Light Analysis
Introduction to Ansys LS-TaSC

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