About SimuPortal

SimuPortal is our user portal that offers a variety of tools and services to assist you with your ANSYS simulations.


A comprehensive collection of training materials for ANSYS products: ANSYS and SimuTech Group’s own training videos, lectures, tutorials, and workshop problems to help you become familiar with Ansys tools.

With SimuTrain™ you will enjoy
  • Access – 24/7 on-demand access to Ansys-related training materials

  • Advanced Training – learning or revisiting advanced analysis techniques in Ansys by watching brief “how-to” videos

  • Basic Training – mastering basic Ansys techniques with instructor-led courses (videos and workshops)

  • Virtual Sessions (cloud-based computers with Ansys software and licenses preloaded) for hands-on workshop models


A large collection of case studies, white papers, and articles to help you quickly and documents relevant to your projects. Easily search or filter documents based on industry, technology, software, and more.

With SimuDocs you will enjoy
  • An Information Library – Easy access to a large library of experimentally validated case studies and presentations, technical documents, and more that are organized by our Ansys experts.

  • Convenience – View documents in your browser or download files to your local machine

  • Rapid Access – Convenient contextual searches that even scan within PDFs to quickly and what you are looking for

  • Custom Searches – Comprehensive filters to identify the documents you need

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